Supervising - the process of ensuring a competent organization, carrying out and monitoring the implementation of activities aimed at the implementation of the basic functions of the enterprise. Supervisor, being a smart and logistics center in the well provides a high-level control of the business process, which subject is his major.

Field supervisor, LLC " TRIAS " liaises with the project manager, engineer and coordinator to help reduce risks and ensure the safe work performance. Field supervisor acts as a representative of the Customer company, helps and advises during well work performance in order to ensure the scheduled execution under the agreed terms and the approved budget.

If you attract external resources for drilling operations and geological and technical measures, LLC "TRIAS" provides a field supervisor for daily operations control from the start of work until their closure.

Supervisors LLC "TRIAS" have extensive experience of drilling and wellwork operations monitoring around the world, as well as experience of working with local contractors and subcontractors.

One of the greatest challenges facing supervisors is making literate, informed and professional decisions in real time.

Real-time decision-making - is the ability to make decisions directly during the works performance process. It is also data collection and analysis, analysis and making decisions on work plan optimization or modification under the conditions of down time impossibility.

In moments when the field engineer does not have enough experience, knowledge or authority to make responsible and correct decisions in real time, our high-skilled professionals can make such decisions effectively and with a liberal share of responsibility.

So, even if you have never engaged in drilling, repair, intensification and completions, our experts will do everything to make it efficiently and profitably for you.

Service includes:

∙ Ensuring safe and efficient drilling, cementing, completion, repair, intensification and various studies;

∙ Operations within the time limits and under the approved budget;

∙ Maintaining relationship with the project manager, engineer, geologist and coordinator ;

∙ Provision of experienced and qualified staff;

∙ Reducing of down time and risks;

∙ Work performance and control of operations safety at the well.