Engineering - this is an area of intellectual activity, discipline, profession, business function, which task is an effective application of science and technology, using of laws and natural resources to solve specific problems, goals and objectives of the enterprise.

Engineering - The creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, equipment, processes, or work on their use singly or in combination; construction or management of the same with the full knowledge of their design; prediction of their behavior under specific operating conditions. - American Engineers' Council for Professional Development (ECPD)

Ltd. "TRIAS" engineers have experience in the sphere of wells construction gained on major international and Russian oil and gas projects.

Our company cooperates with well-known international companies, providing oil and gas service, to recommend you the best equipment, technologies, and professionals, and to make decisions for specific and unique conditions of your wells operation.

Ltd. "TRIAS" engineers will help to improve the efficiency of drilling, cementing, completion and equipment tooling, will help to determine the reservoir characteristics, collect and analyze any well parameters and to optimize the conditions of fluids used in killing, perforation, development, intensification, etc.

Engineering services:

∙ Data collection and analysis of possible well non-productivity;

∙ Designing of casing columns and flow columns;

∙ Design of work on inflow stimulation;

∙ Establishment of a drilling and completion wells programs;

∙ Optimization of the operating fluid conditions;

∙ Selection of the rig and the selection of its technical characteristics;

∙ Provision of experienced and qualified staff;

∙ Reducing of down time and risks;

∙ Provision of people and equipment safety.