«The thing smells like kerosene! » M. Fridlyand well-known Soviet journalist, in 1924 published under the pseudonym M. Koltsov  satire, «All right» about the oil business in the United States. The author wrote about a major scam with oil concessions in the state of California, in which, as investigation showed U.S. officials were involved, forcing compromised U.S. Attorney to resign: «Americans sniffed suspiciously: White House clearly smacked of something fuel. Oil - not oil, but a bit of refined gasoline is felt». The very same aphorism was used in this context: one of the judges for the termination of proceedings on the oil question received a bribe, well above the average, «smelled strongly of kerosene». A lot of high-ranking officials then stung because of unleaded petrol.

  • Gazprom loads first oil shipment from Arctic’s Prirazlomnoye field

    JSC Gazprom Neft has loaded its first shipment of oil produced from Prirazlomnoye field, 60 km offshore in the Russian Arctic shelf. The field was discovered in 1989 and is the only Russian hydrocarbon development project in the Arctic shelf.  More »

  • TRIAS company became an official distributor Fann equipment in Russia and CIS.

      More »


Provision of consulting services, oil and gas companies based on the main competitive advantage, namely, the vast international experience and knowledge of our staff using modern software products to meet the challenges faced by production and service companies.

Our team has extensive experience in international oil and gas projects in Russia, Canada, USA, Norway, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Scotland.
Many experts have advanced degrees, which ensures our company personnel capable of strategic thinking and approach to solving any problem in a comprehensive and multifaceted.
In our company, there is no established "bone" of the organizational structure, so it can be changed for a specific customer for ease of doing business and cooperation.
Our company maintains close relationships with leading experts and institutions in the field of oil and gas consulting services.


Demand technology solutions

Change in oil production of major competing countries between 2011 and 2012..

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The most important factor affecting the investment climate is stable (at least in the medium term) and understandable for the market rules of the game.

Sergei Ezhov Chief Economist Energy Center SKOLKOVO
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